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 F.P.S. Velocity Limits

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PostSubject: F.P.S. Velocity Limits   Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:46 pm

Velocity Limits:

AEG's, AEP's & Gas Pistols -

All AEG's and Pistols must be rated at or less than 400 FPS.


Semi-Auto Gas Rifles must be rated at or less than 500 FPS.

Bolt Action Gas or Spring Rifles must be rated at or less than 550 FPS.

NOTE, if your are using a Sniper Weapon the minimum engagement range is 100 FEET

Before we begin the first game we will chrono everyone's gun.

we will remove the magazine from your gun and place 4 of our own .20g bio BBs into the magazine before firing it through the chronograph.

This is to ensure that all guns are measured with the same type of ammo.

After 4 shots, if the majority of them are over the limit for your gun type even by 1 FPS, you will not be allowed to use the gun.
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F.P.S. Velocity Limits
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