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 New 2011 Field Fees

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PostSubject: New 2011 Field Fees   Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:57 pm

With every new year comes new changes.

To keep things fair between AWG and Joni the owner of the property where the AWG home field is located we are introducing new game day pricing.

If we have less than 20 people paying to play per game day the price will be $15 per player.

If we have 20 or more players paying to play per game day the price will be cut down to $10 per person.

With the growing popularity of airsoft and the advertising that we are getting by having our flyers in the Airsoft Barracks store here in Jacksonville we should not have many game days where we have less than 20 players coming out to play.
We are doing the new pricing to help Joni bring in some money during this slow economy and also so that we still have free control of the field and no one else may use it other than us.

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New 2011 Field Fees
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